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Dr. Bernard Cheong will be remembered in history as the world's first non-industry, "civilian" chairman of the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve in Asia. He is the man who formulated a transparent system of jury selection and voting for the event, and employed the world renowned Florentine Game Probability Specialist, Dr. Massimiliano Landi, to create the contest.

In 2008, an unprecedented move to recognize the incredible contribution that special collectors and customers have made to the Swiss watch industry, Geneva created a distinct Asian Chapter and nominated Dr. Bernard Cheong as the world’s first non-industry personality to co-chair the contest with industry’s representative, Revolution's Editor-in-Chief Wei Koh.

Against a backdrop of extraordinary times, Dr. Bernard Cheong is among the most well-known and influential collectors in the world. Described in 2004 in New York as a renaissance man, he introduced the concept of wristwatches as portable assets to rival wine and art collections. He has been quoted in many respected global business publications for his unorthodox but uncannily correct predictions about the industry.

For the past 30 years, Bernard has been active in the global watchmaking arena. He has been regularly published and televised in New York, Tokyo, Moscow, Shanghai, Geneva, Zurich, London, Paris, Bangkok and Singapore. This timeframe has afforded the opportunity to work with the media, collectors and the industry, ranging from royalty, political figures and media celebrities in the world of high-end watch collectors.

Dr. Bernard Cheong came into the watch collecting arena with a passion for antiquities from the world of automobiles, cameras and audio equipment. His long-time fascination with photography since the age of six, and his background in both music and art, has enabled Bernard to be an early adopter of the value of wristwatches.

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