GUBELIN The Story of a Seahorse Ring

Renowned Swiss jeweller Gübelin presents it's The Story of a Seahorse ring. Inspired by a fascinating sapphire inclusion, the ring evokes the majestic movements, as well as the beautiful, graceful, and mysterious wonder of the seahorse.

Hand made by the artisans of the Gübelin Jewellery Atelier, The Story of a Seahorse is not only a masterpiece of the jeweller's art. It is also an expression of Gübelin's philosophy of luxury. Called Deeply Inspired, it reflects the conviction that real beauty lies not on the surface but deep inside.

Gübelin takes its inspiration from the fascinating inner worlds of gemstones. These are the worlds of the inclusions. As witnesses to the stone's creation, the inclusions are the keys to its soul.

For The Story of a Seahorse sapphire ring, Gübelin Jewellery's designers have been inspired by the curl of an inclusion in the 23.23 ct sapphire from Sri Lanka, as well as its deep blue tones, both of which conjure up images of the depths of the sea and the latent power of the tides. Simultaneously evoking the shape of a seahorse, the inclusion is highly suggestive of both beauty and strength. As a part of Gübelin's Deep Sea world of fine jewellery, the ring puts the mysteries of the deep blue waters on its bearer's finger.

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