REBELLION Predator Three Hands & Date

In collaboration with award-winning designer Eric Giroud, REBELLION has conceived and developed the Predator in the same spirit as the rest of its collection: with authenticity, refined design, and uncompromising quality and performance.

Many characteristics of the Predator, both technical and aesthetic, are inspired directly from racing cars - like the brake disks and the pedals - and are found throughout the watch. Despite the watch's avant-gardist nature, the Predator is crafted with respect to horologic tradition.

Race refined components
First we have the multi-layered dial, the base of which is in a honeycomb that ensures absolute rigidity while maximising transparency and lightness. The sectorial seconds at 9h are indicated by means of a double hand: a shorter hand indicates 0 to 30 seconds, which is then replaced by a longer hand indicating 30 to 60 seconds. In red gold or steel, the hands of the hours and minutes are diamond-cut, hollowed, and then treated with SuperLumiNova to ensure excellent legibility and a lighter vision of time. 8 distinctive screws attach the bezel, with heads in the brand's logo and the back by 6 torx screws, reinforcing the racing spirit of the watch. Another exclusivity of this model: the case, which is constructed in a complex sandwich of superimposed layers allowing considerable personalisation according to owner's taste. The Predator is available in several case materials: red gold; red gold and ceramic; steel; steel and ceramic.

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